Car and light commercial servicing

Regular servicing is the most efficient way to care for your vehicle, maintaining performance and safety levels to give you peace of mind and reliability.
We cover all makes and models of car and light commercial vehicles, and we offer competitive rates and service options, ranging from interim to full annual service.


  We cover all aspects of brake repairs including  brake pads/discs, cylinders, ABS and hydraulics, ensuring your vehicle is kept to the standard required by law.


Ensuring your suspension is in good working order promotes a better driving experience for both comfort and safety. We are able to maintain or repair any suspension requirements you should have on your vehicle.


We offer a full range of body and paint solutions and deliver value for money for customers looking for economical and competent repairs. Whether you require dent removal, or collision damage repair, we have the skills and experience to restore your vehicle to the highest standard.


In today’s world emission controls and anti pollution are high on everyone’s list of priorities. Bloomfields are able to make sure your vehicle complies with all the standards required.
From a replacement exhaust to fixing an emission related fault we can ensure your vehicle is safe and clean-running.

Car and light commercial repairs

At Bloomfields we excel in the repair of all makes of car and light commercial vehicles, with competitive pricing.
Using diagnostic equipment we are able to diagnose today’s ever changing vehicle problems, repairing your vehicle efficiently, and ensuring the vehicle is back on the road quickly.


A dead battery on a cold winter’s morning is the worst start to anyone’s day. We offer a battery health check with replacement if required, whilst also checking the charging system is keeping your battery in good health.


Require an MOT?
It is a legal requirement that any vehicle over 3 years old passes an MOT test annually. At Bloomfields we can arrange a test for whichever class your vehicle belongs to, whether it be a class 4, 5 or 7.


A visual inspection of the condition of your tyres and checking the tread depth is extremely important for your safety. Your tyres are the only contact between your car and the road and they influence how your car steers, accelerates and brakes.


Your car’s clutch plays a crucial role, enabling you to change gear smoothly. Over time, it can wear out and will need to be replaced. When your clutch is failing, you’ll notice changes in the way it operates that act as warning signs you’ll soon need to get it replaced.
If your clutch is noisy or something just doesn’t feel right we can conduct an assessment of the system to prevent potential problems.
If you do need repairs to the clutch, we’ll provide a full quotation before we start work.